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CRS585 High Pressure Common Rail lnjector Test Bench

Standard Functions
1. Testing high-pressure commonrail injectors
2. Testing Piezo Crystal Injectors
3. Accurately test the correspond- -ing time of the injector
4. The Bosch IQA code is self-generated and can customizethe fuel injection amount of eachworking condition of the injector
5. Automatically generate uelinjection compensation correctioncode
6. Detecting the injector solenoidvalve resistance
7. Detecting Inductor SolenoidValve Inductance
8. Automatically generate Boschpiezoelectric injector ISA code
9. Injector opening pulse width test
10. Injector opening pressure  test
11. Detecting injector solenoid current
12. Detection of DRV valve controlcurrent
13. Real-time monitoring of jetdrive and system voltage
14. Industrial computer control
15, Dual drive control system
16. High-efficiency strong air cooling system
17. 7 * 24 hours continuous working oil temperature does notexceed 42 °C
18. Rail pressure up to 260Mpa
19. Intelligent online upgrade

The CRS585 high-pressure common railinjector test bench is based on the diesel ECU operating conditions,and also provides common rail system control signals(CP11CP21CP31HP31HP41DELPHI) of Caterpillar, Bosch, Denso,Delphi, Siemens, It drives high-pressurecommon rail oil pump and high- pressurecommon rail injector to work. It has morethan 3,500 sets of data. The driving signalparameters can be set by users accordingto their actual conditions, and can be savedin groups, which is convenient for mainte-nance personnel to work on the high-pres- -sure common rail system. Status judgmentand maintenance. The system supportsreal-time online upgrade service, whichguarantees the equipment data update. Atthe same time, it provides a free remotecontrol window to accurately and quicklyresolve your worries and escort you on theroad of maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Power supply Voltage: 220VAC/380VAC
Number of phases: single phase/three phase
Frequency: 50Hz 1 60Hz
Current: 30A (Max)
Electric machine power: 5.5Kw
Oil temperature control: heating/cooling air
Oil temperature setting: 40 degrees Celsius
Working environment temperature: less than 35 degrees Celsius
Maximum common rail pressure: 180 260Ma
Common rail pump: BOSCH CP3.3
Control loop voltage: DC12V /DC24V
ECU internal boost: 0200VDC (Max)
Fuel tank capacity: 30 liters
Noise level: < 85dB
Gross weight: 350kg
Overall dimensions: 140 * 83 * 160cm
Package Size: 150 * 95 * 170cm

Optional Functions
Testing the medium pressure common rail injector HEUI
Automatically generate XPI (Fukang Dongkang) correction code
Automatic alarm when oil temperature is too high
Automatic alarm for insufficient oil level
Self-generating DENSO injector QR code
Self-generating BOSCH injector IMA code
Self-generating DELPHI injector C3i coding
Self-generating Siemens injector correction code

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