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CRS725 Comprehensive Test Bench

Standard Functions
1.Test common rail injector
2.Test common rail pump
4.Test the HEUI injector(Optionalfunctions)
5.Test HEUI actuated pump(Op-tional functions)
6, response time test
7, IQA code custom modification ofthe fuel injection amount of the fuelinjector
8.Test the nozzle of the doublesolenoid valve E3 pump
9.Automatically generate fuel injec-tion compensation code
10.Detection of the resistance ofthe injector solenoid valve
11.Detection of fuel injector solenoid valve inductance
12.Automatically generate ISA codefor Bosch piezoelectric injectors
13.Injector opening pulse width test
14.Injector opening pressure test
15.Detect the injector solenoid valve current
16.Detection of DRV valve controlcurrent
17. Automatically generate XPI(Fukang Dongkang) correctioncode(Optional functions)
18.Real-time monitoring of jet driveand system voltage
19.Automatic alarm when the oiltemperature is too high
20.Automatic alarm for insufficientoil level
21. Industrial computer control
22.Dual drive control system
23.High efficiency and strong aircooling system
24, 24 hours continuous working oiltemperature does not exceed 42 C
25.Rail pressure can reach 260Mpa
26.Intelligent online upgrade

Optional Functions
1.VP44 electric control pump test
2.Dual DRV configuration
3.Six channels trigger six injectorsat the same time
4.Simultaneously generate six fuelinjector correction codes
5.Automatically generate Bosch 6,7, 8, 9, and 10-digit IMA codes
6.Automatically generate Boschpiezoelectric IMA and ISA codes
7.Automatically generate DensoQR oil quantity correction code
8,automatic generation of DelphiC2l, C3I fuel quantity correctioncode
9.Automatically generate SiemensVDO (IIC) code

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