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38-50U track roll forming machine

High speed stud and track double line roll forming machine it consists of two independent production lines for both C and U profiles,

the line can meets customer's different requests such as punching holes,size changeable and so on.

2 sets
Machine for ming machine
one base for two forming lines
Delta or Siemens brand,control seperately and has no effect on each other 
4 kw 2 sets
Punching device
We can add holes punching,logo punching and so on.
Run out table
Size and height changeable for different length of final sheets

(1) Absolute fire protection: The keel is made of fireproof galvanized sheet, which is durable.

Reasonable structure: adopts economical placement structure, special connection method, 

combined loading and unloading. Convenient, saving man-hours, and simple construction.

(2) Beautiful appearance: the surface of the keel is made of galvanized steel plate, which has been painted. 

Wide range of uses: suitable for shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, banks and various large public places.

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