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Car panel roll forming machine

   1. Equipment production model: carriage board
   2. Equipment dimensions: 9000mm*1700mm*1000mm
   3. The total weight of the equipment: 10500 kg
   4. The main frame structure: 400 H welding
   5. Equipment forming speed: 8-10m/min
   6. Rolling material thickness: 0.8-2mm
   7. The width of the equipment into the board: according to the version
   8. Number of rows of roll forming: 16 rows of archway structure
   9. Forming shaft size: diameter 80 (solid)
   10. Transmission mode: sprocket chain transmission
   11. Sprocket and chain specification: 1.5 inches
   12. Total power of equipment: 19KW
   13. Power of forming host: Sub-speed box transmission

   14. Butt welding machine: 4 sets

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