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Door frame roll forming machine

Full automatic steel door frame roll forming machine can make various types metal door or window frames, reinforced, 

fire stop doors, etc by roll forming method. The steel door frame roll forming machine is a complete production line. 

After roll forming by our production line, we could make very smooth and beautiful steel door frame without any scratch 

on surface. This steel door frame production line is composed by the following elements: De-coiler, feeding & leveling device, 

main roll forming machine, cutter, run-out table, etc. Those machines are customized according to the drawing profile.

Drawings of steel door frame for reference:

Suitable material for door frame machine?

Processing material: colored steel plate, galvanized plate, or aluminium plate

Material thickness:  0.8---1.2mm

Material hardness: 550 mpa---350 mpa

Material width:  200mm(according to the drawing)

Formed width: 101.6mm (according to the drawing)

Forming speed:10-20m/min

Other drawings of door frame for you choose: 


We can desgin the machine as your requirement. With a profile drawing, we will give you a  popular proposal for your reference. 

Here are some profile draiwing we can make.

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