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Sandwich panel roll forming machine

Simple introduction of   Sandwich panel making machine  

        This equipment is specialized in machining the metal steel insulation

composite board,including the gas, electric and machinery with advance technology

. The Working speed variable frequency step-less speed regulation, and it can

composite the corrugated type composite board. The whole working line contains

the de-coiler, forming device, composite device, it's the obbligato equipment for

the roofing and wall panel of the working shop and the storage.

The motor of the whole line is 32kw, and the working length is 30meters. Also,

The forming speed is 4-6m/min, the thickness of the material steel is 0.28-0.8mm

, and the thickness of the product is 30-200mm.

Technical  requests:

Manual decoiler

(or hydraulic)

1).Material coil inner diameter: 450mm-550mm  

2).Outer diameter:1500mm

2).Max coil width:1250mm 

3).Carrying capacity: 5T  



Forming device

(customized as client's requirements)

1)Shaft material:high grade No.45 steel after treatment

2)Out diameter is80 mm

3)Roller material:  45# steel polished and coated with chrome HRC55-60°

4)Forming speed:8-15m/min

5)Main motor power:3 kw

6)Roller station:16stations 

7)Coil width: 1000/1200/1250mm

8)Effective width:950/1150mm

9).Voltage:380v,50Hz,3 phase


Hydraulic cutter

1). material of blade: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment 55-60°C

2). cutting system: adopt advanced hydraulic drive, after forming automatic cut, no distort, 

no wasting , high safe factor.(main motor stop cutting)


Control system


1.)Type: PLC Frequency Control System with touch screen2).PLC Brand: Delta

3).Encoder Brand: Omron

4).Screen: Delta test screen

5).Automatic length and quantity measurement

6).Control station is used to control product length and quantity, automatically cutting to length 

and stop when required quantity is achieved.

7).Length Error: ±2mm, error is easy to adjusted.

Outpur table

It is simple and used to load finished product.


Spare Parts


1).Easy damaged parts: conk 2 pcs, fuse-link 4 pcs

2).Rubber mat 1 pcs;

3).Bolt spanner 1 pcs