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high frequency welded pipe forming machine


1.1,Round Pipe Size::117mm

1.2,Thickness: 1.0-3mm (square pipe)


1.4,Material of the pipe:Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Hot or Cold steel strip (Q195,Q235,Q345 ,Q345B)

1.5,the width of the strip:450-520mm.

1.6,Length of the pipe:4M-10M 


3.Drawing of FX76 Longitudinal welding

Double-head uncoiler---Coil cutting and welding together----Accumulator---Flatting---Roundpipe 

forming---cooling---Square pipe forming----sizing---fly saw cutting---run out table

4.Introduction of the component:


Briefing: Rotary type to change coils easily with a pneumatic brake


A,the max.weight of coil:3000KG.

B,the inside diameter of coil:450-520mm

C,the max.outside diameter of coil:1600mm

D,the max.width of coil:400mm

4.2 Main Drive

A,the main motor Z4-225-11,110KW DC motor Z4-225-11110kw

B,speed reducer model ZLY200,the ratio is16:1 ZLY200 16:1

C,drag device EURO DC control device

4.3 Butt welding machine



4.4 Accumulator

A,material:made of angle and channel iron

B,feeding speed: above 150m/min

C,collecting capacity:< 2000kg

4.5 Width Adjustment


4.6 Accumulating Roller


B,Feeding rollers:150mm,2 pcs

C,Motor:5.5KW,6 Classes,1 set

4.7 Computer-controlled flying saw

A,Power of automatic controller:18.5KW

B,Automatic tracking machine

 B1,Max cutting diameter: 90mm

 B2,The range of cutting length:4m-7m

 B3,Max cutting thickness:4mm

C,type:metal saw disc:600*70*2.5mm

D,power of the saw:22KW

E,accuracy of the cutting length:within + 0.3mm

4.8 Forming Machine

A,vertical rollers: 7 steps

B,the diameter of the vertical shaft:60mm

C,the material of the shaft:40Gr

D,horizontal rollers:8 steps

E,the diameter of the horizontal shafts:40mm

F,the material of the rollers:Gr12.

G,the vertical stand:45#steel,heat treated HRC 60-64.

H,the horizontal stand:forge steel

I,guide shafts:adjust the welding line.

J,cooling box:welding sheet,the length confirmed according to the machine and pipe

K,the speed:30-90m/min

4.9 sizing parts

A,vertical shaft: 6 steps

B,the diameter of the shaft:60mm

C,the material of the shaft:40Gr

D,the horizontal shaft:6 steps

E,the diameter of the shaft:40mm

F,the material of the rollers:Gr12

G,the usage: make the round pipe in strictly round, form the square pipe and make the square in strictly square.

H,the horizontal stand:forge steel

I,Turks head:use for flatting

J,the speed:30-90m/min.

K,two sets molds: one for 15*15mm ,the other is for 45*45mm.

4.10 Run out table  

Automatic rail type run out table



B,input power:3P,380V,50HZ

C,output power:150KW

D,control mode of output power:regulated by microprocessor

E,output frequency:350-420KHZ